Crawl Space Fixtures

The Pest Detective team provides the most reliable, long-lasting crawl space fixtures in Central Arkansas. Our team will inspect your crawl space for moisture and fungus. We will then offer you solutions and eliminate it for your safety and peace of mind. 

Keeping Your Crawl Space Pest & Moisture Free

Some pests, especially termites, thrive in moist environments. But we strive to put an end to it. If we find the source of moisture in the crawl space of your home or business, we’ll recommend one or more of these solutions depending on what the situation calls for:

A Moisture Barrier

This involves putting a solid layer of plastic on the ground to prevent ground moisture from getting into your subfloors, floor joist, and support beams.


Fungicide is a chemical that soaks into your floor joist, subfloor, and support beams which kills the existing fungus and prevents new fungus from growing.

​​Foundation Vent Fans

Our foundation vent fan systems are installed to reduce the amount of moist stale air pockets that are trapped under your subfloor. The fans circulates fresh outside air underneath your home by pulling fresh air from one side of your house and pushing out the other side. The foundation vent fans are connected to a control box and have two different censors that tell them when to kick on and off automatically. This air flow keeps the subfloor, floor joist, and support beams free from fungus and moisture. Excessive moisture can cause mold, mildew and wood rot. All of these problems create an environment that are indicative to termite activity. 

A Sump Pump

A sump pump is a device that you put in your crawl space or basement to keep these areas from flooding. As water floods beneath your house and into your crawl space, the sump pump automatically kicks on and pumps the water to a nearby drainage or ditch.

Insulation Removal

Wet or moist insulation is about as effective as having no insulation at all. When we find insulation in this condition in your crawl space, we remove it to keep any fungus from spreading or to keep more of it from growing.

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Pest Detective, you choose a family-owned and operated business that gives you the most honest, reliable crawl space fixtures in Central Arkansas. We’ll work with your schedule and get your service done as soon as possible.

So no matter the pest inside or outside of your home or business, know that we’re ready to get our hands dirty to solve the problem for you.

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