One-Time Pest Control

Our experienced team offers the highest quality solutions for one-time pest control in Central Arkansas. With our one-time pest service, we get very specific that way you can receive the best service possible. 

What We Do

Whether you’re dealing with ants, ticks, or bedbugs, know that our treatment options take care of the problem at the source. Here’s a look at our one-time services and what they include:

German Roaches

With this service, you actually get two treatments: the initial service and a follow up 7-10 days later.


We focus on the eaves of the house as well as the trim and windows.

Fleas and Ticks

This service is a one-time yard spray but includes two trips on the inside. The second inside trip will be 7-10 days from the initial trip. With the inside we treat all floors, beds, and furniture. We recommend that you vacuum twice a day for 14 days to help with the treatment.


This is a three-treatment process where everyone will have to be out of the house for 4-8 hours.


This is a two-treatment process: the initial one and then one 7-10 days later.


We focus on the source of the colony. 

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Pest Detective, you choose a family-owned and operated business that gives you the most honest, reliable one-time pest control in Central Arkansas. We’ll work with your schedule and get your service done as soon as possible.

So no matter the pest inside or outside of your home or business, know that we’re ready to get our hands dirty to solve the problem for you. 

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