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If you need professional pest control services in Central Arkansas, look no further than The Pest Detective. Our services keep your home or business safe and worry-free no matter the pest or season for your total peace of mind.

What We Do

We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality customer service on every job. We care about you, your problem, and being thorough down to the smallest detail or corner of your property. So whether it’s ants, wasps, or termites, one call to The Pest Detective gets the process started and the problem handled for good.

Pest Control

Pests can be anywhere: outside, inside, or even in your crawl space. But wherever they are, they won’t last long with our proven treatments and experienced team to give you quarterly or one-time pest control services.

Quarterly treatments take care of spiders, ants, wasps, wood roaches, beetles, and rodents for a one-time charge every three months. And if any of these critters happen to wander back onto your property within these three months, we’ll come back and handle them for free.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes usually stay where there’s foliage and where it’s dark and damp. But with our two outdoor chemical treatments once every three weeks, we’ll kill and repel any pesky mosquitoes where they love to hang out the most.

We also do mosquito control for outdoor events. Our team will hit the area two weeks before the event and then again two days before it.

Termite Control

Termites can do thousands of dollars in damage to a building’s structure. That’s why it’s critical for us to get to work as quickly as possible. With our liquid chemical barrier of professional-grade termiticide around your home or business, we’ll kill the termites fast at the source.

Crawl Space Fixtures

Fungus and moisture can do more damage to your foundation than you may think. We recommend different treatments depending on what we find under your house. Whether it’s using fungicide to kill fungus or removing wet insulation, we do it all for you with fast, lasting results.

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Pest Detective, you choose a family-owned and operated business that gives you the most honest, reliable pest control in Central Arkansas. We’ll work with your schedule and get your service done as soon as possible.

So no matter the pest inside or outside of your home or business, know that we’re ready to get our hands dirty to solve the problem for you.

Termite Control

One-Time Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Quarterly Pest Control

Crawl Space Fixtures