Termite Treatments

When you choose The Pest Detective, you get the most reliable, professional termite treatments in Central Arkansas. Our top-notch team will treat your home or business while also looking for and eliminating moisture that termites thrive on.

What We Do


Termites can do unthinkable damage to a building’s structure. That’s why it’s critical for us to get to work as quickly as possible. With our liquid chemical barrier of professional-grade termiticide around your home or business, we’ll kill the termites at the source.

This service also includes a contract that states if you have future damage, we’ll come back, kill the termites, and replace any damage that they caused.

Why Choose Us

When you choose The Pest Detective, you choose a family-owned and operated business that gives you the most honest, reliable termite treatments in Central Arkansas. We’ll work with your schedule and get your service done as soon as possible.

So no matter the pest inside or outside of your home or business, know that we’re ready to get our hands dirty to solve the problem for you.

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